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What's New in FoxWallet 3.4.2 Update

· One min read

We are pleased to announce the release of FoxWallet 3.4.2 update. Please find below the details of this update.

Support Iron Fish

IronFish FoxWallet

Iron Fish is a decentralized, proof-of-work (PoW) based, censorship-resistant, and publicly accessible blockchain project. It is designed to support strong privacy guarantees on every transaction.

Visit The Iron Fish Tutorial for more details.


ENULS is a blockchain that is fully compatible with EVM and Web3 API interfaces. ENULS uses the NULS as the main asset in its network. It is the foundation for building apps and organizations in a decentralized, permissionless, censorship-resistant way.

You can find ENULS under "Me" -> "Networks" and select to enable it.

Support NFTs on zkSync Era

You can view and transfer your NFTs on zkSync Era now.

Bugs Fix and Improvements

  • Fix gas fiat price calculation
  • Fix compatibility of Aptos provider
  • Fix BTCDOMAIN logo
  • Fix camera release
  • Fix transfer from f1 to a 0x FNS address
  • Update testnet logos