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FoxWallet is a secure and convenient decentralized self-custody wallet, dedicated to becoming a central gateway and connector in the Web3 world.

  • Security as a Priority: FoxWallet considers security as its lifeline, with private keys encrypted and stored locally on the user’s device to completely cut off any leakage paths. Additionally, it is equipped with multiple layers of security protection, including automatic phishing site blocking, high-risk signature warnings, and malicious authorization checks, providing comprehensive protection for your digital assets.

  • Transparent Auditing: By accessing our open source code and audit reports, everyone can get an in-depth understanding of the technology behind FoxWallet, ensuring its transparency and security.

  • Comprehensive Chain Support: Supporting asset management for over 50 chains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Aptos, Sui, Aleo, Filecoin, and IronFish, FoxWallet is an ideal choice for keeping pace with current cryptocurrency trends. Its deep integration with NFT and BRC20 standards ensures its leading position in digital asset management.

  • Trusted by Users: Chosen by over one million users, FoxWallet has become the most popular wallet on networks like Filecoin, Iron Fish, and Spacemesh, receiving widespread recognition and high regards from the community.

FoxWallet is more than just a wallet; it's your safe haven in the Web3 world, making each connection simple and secure.