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Fox Credit

Welcome to use FoxWallet, we have brought you a brand-new points system, Fox Credit, which aims to motivate users to use various functions of FoxWallet. At the same time, external projects can create tasks in FoxWallet for product promotion.

1. What is Fox Credit

The Fox Credit is a mechanism designed to reward users and encourage them to use our products more frequently. You can earn Fox Credit by completing specified tasks on the page, which can be used to purchase goods in the future Fox Credit mall or participate in lucky draws to win more rewards.

2. How to earn Fox Credit

2.1 Daily check-in

By logging into your wallet and clicking the "Check-in" button on the page every day, you will receive a certain amount of Fox Credit as a reward. Additionally, there will be extra rewards for consecutive check-ins for 7 days.

2.2 Completing tasks

In addition to earning Fox Credit through daily check-ins and transfers, our points system also provides various other tasks for you to accumulate Fox Credit more quickly and diversely.

  1. Invite friends
  • By inviting your friends to use FoxWallet, you will receive additional Fox Credit as a reward. Simply use the invitation link or code in the application to invite your friends to install FoxWallet, and both you and your friends will receive Fox Credit rewards.
  • Please note that the number of invites made before FoxCredit went live will not be counted towards rewards.
  1. More types of tasks coming soon

3. Uses of Fox Credit

3.1 Credit Mall

You can use Fox Credit to redeem gifts in the mall, including various Tokens and NFTs, and we will replenish the gift inventory from time to time.

3.2 Lucky Draw

You can use your points to participate in sweepstakes and have a chance to win different prizes. Once the points are consumed, they cannot be refunded.

4. Notes

  • Fox Credit is not token and cannot be transferred. FoxWallet currently has no plans to issue tokens.
  • Fox Credit may be cleared periodically, so please use any unused Fox Credit before the clearing time. We will notify you through announcements.
  • FoxWallet has the right to reclaim credits obtained illegally through cheating, etc.
  • Our points system is designed to reward and motivate users, allowing you to better utilize your points. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service team.
  • FoxWallet reserves all rights to interpret the Fox Credit.