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Spacemesh FoxWallet

Spacemesh is a unique protocol using a race-free, mesh-based system for block production. Miners, called smeshers, submit proof of space time through activation transactions to become eligible to create blocks. The protocol employs a consensus mechanism called "Tortoise beacon" to determine when and how blocks are produced, ensuring fairness and security within the network. This design enables a fair distribution of block creation among smeshers and facilitates secure validation for new participants joining the network.

Go to "Me" -> "Networks" -> find and enable Spacemesh.

FoxWallet is the best Spacemesh wallet.


  • Open FoxWallet
  • Create or Import wallet
  • Go to "Me" => "Networks"
  • Find and Enable Spacemesh
  • Go to "Wallet" page, switch network to Spacemesh
  • Now, you can receive and send your SMH