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FoxWallet 4.1.4 - Manta,Blast,Taiko

· 2 min read

We are pleased to announce the release of FoxWallet 4.1.4 update. Please find below the details of this update.

Added network Manta Pacific

Manta Pacific is a platform tailored for EVM-native ZK applications, providing a home for the next generation of decentralized apps. It offers programmable ZK as an EVM-native L2 with Universal Circuits for simplified development using Solidity, along with high scalability and low transaction fees. By combining Manta ZK, Celestia’s data availability, and zkEVM, Manta Pacific aims to create a robust ecosystem for developers and users, enabling the deployment of ZK applications and exploring new use cases across various domains. It also emphasizes developer-friendliness and non-invasive compliance, aiming to contribute to the growth of web3 and web2 ecosystems.

Added network Blast Sepolia

Blast L2 is an Ethereum Layer 2 solution with native yield, offering 4% interest for ETH and 5% for stablecoins. It stands out by providing automatic yield from ETH staking and RWA protocols, creating new business models for Dapps. Blast's auto-rebasing for ETH and USDB, L1 staking, T-Bill yield for stablecoins, and gas revenue sharing with Dapps make it innovative within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Added network Taiko Katla

Taiko Katla (Alpha-6) testnet introduces the Based Contestable Rollup (BCR) design with multi-proofs and SGX. It also includes an updated bridge with NFT support and an improved block explorer. As Taiko gears up for the mainnet launch, community participation in testing features like contestation and SGX proof generation on the Katla testnet is crucial for ensuring a smooth transition. This marks a significant step towards Taiko's future, and the community plays a vital role.

Bug fixes and improved user experience

  • Fixed Spacemesh API issue
  • Fixed the FoxCredit exchange issue caused by push notification permissions.
  • Fixed the display issue with large numbers.
  • Resolved inaccuracies in certain token balances.
  • Discontinued support for Filecoin Monitor.
  • Deprecated some unused networks
  • Added a community tool.

We are committed to providing you with a better product and user experience. Thank you for your support of FoxWallet! If you encounter any issues or have any feedback, please feel free to contact us at any time.