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FoxWallet Anniversary Carnival - Joint Events

· One min read

FoxWallet is dedicated to providing secure, efficient and convenient trusted digital services in the Web3 industry, creating a safe entrance for users to the Web3 world, bringing more interesting and rewarding activities to everyone.

In this carnival, we organized a series of events with other partners.

FoxWallet X TwitterScan X NNS

  • Reward: 5-digits NNS .nft Domain Freemint
  • Time: Nov 17th - Nov 30th
  • Rules: Users can freemint 5-digits NNS .nft domain accessed within FoxWallet
  • Entrance:

FoxWallet X Nawarat X P12 X METAEASTE X PORT3

FoxWallet X TaskOn

Continuously updating!Come and Enjoy!

FoxWallet reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions.