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· One min read

FoxWallet is dedicated to providing secure, efficient and convenient trusted digital services in the Web3 industry, creating a safe entrance for users to the Web3 world, bringing more interesting and rewarding activities to everyone.

In this carnival, we organized a series of events with other partners.

FoxWallet X TwitterScan X NNS

  • Reward: 5-digits NNS .nft Domain Freemint
  • Time: Nov 17th - Nov 30th
  • Rules: Users can freemint 5-digits NNS .nft domain accessed within FoxWallet
  • Entrance:

FoxWallet X Nawarat X P12 X METAEASTE X PORT3

FoxWallet X TaskOn

Continuously updating!Come and Enjoy!

FoxWallet reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions.

· One min read

Dear FoxWalleters,

Happy Easter Week! And FoxWallet has prepared some surprises for all users. Just come and win your Easter Eggs!

Bonus Hunter, First Come, First Served

  • Venue: "Discover" page in FoxWallet App
  • Time: 2022/4/17 0:00-24:00 (UTC)
  • Reward: $2100 FIL

Happy Easter Week, Discord Daily Airdrop

Rewards will be distributed to users' FoxWallet some time after the event. Everyone is welcome to participate!

*FoxWallet reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions.


· One min read

FUD Alert

Dear all,

Recently, FoxWallet has received feedback from many users about receiving scam text messages or emails asking them to transfer assets to fraud platforms for exchanging coins in the name of “FoxWallet”.

FoxWallet promises that our platform ensures the safety of all users’ assets. Users can transfer assets in FoxWallet as usual. FoxWallet will never send any text messages asking users to withdraw assets or make transfers in private.

Please be cautious with your assets. Once transferred to another address, your assets will belong to that address. Do not click any link in suspicious text messages or emails. Do not take any calls from unknown IDs. Never disclose your personal account information, text message verification code or other important information to strangers or third parties. Make sure to protect your personal information.


FoxWallet 2022.01.10