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FoxWallet 2nd Anniversary Tutorial

· 2 min read

1. Input Invite Code

  • Download FoxWallet from:

  • Open FoxWallet, choose Create wallet or Import wallet

  • Get Invite code from others

  • Input the Invite code after create/import your wallet

2. Get Your Own Invite Code

  • Click on the Share menu in Me page

  • Click on Get invite code to generate your own invite code

  • Also, if you already created the wallet without filling out the invite code, you can fill it out by clicking on Enter Invite Code

3. Earn Credits by Finishing Tasks:

  • Click on the My Credit menu in Me page

  • Finish tasks and Redeem rewards

  • Click ">" on Fox Credit page to check your credits and redeem history

4. Check Your Ranking

  • Click Checking your ranking on Invite Page to check your ranking

FoxWallet is dedicated to providing secure, efficient and convenient trusted digital services in the Web3 space, providing a safe entrance for users to the Web3 world. Our FoxWallet team is beyond grateful for your support, enthusiasm and feedback we've received since product inception. We are devoted to offering you more evolving features that ensure you the best wallet and blockchain experience.

If you would like to accompany us further on this journey or have any feedback, please submit a request here.

Let's Cheer for FoxWallet's 2nd Birthday!

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