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· 2 min read

To celebrate the Fox Credit feature online, we are thrilled to announce the FoxWallet Credit Launching Campaign! During this week, users will be able to accumulate more credits than usual and share the $1000U rewards pool.

Time: Aug 14 — Aug 21

How to earn Fox Credit?

  1. Daily Check-in: create/import the wallet and go check-in, you’ll get 20 credits on a daily basis; the initial check-in will be counted for 40 credits; 40 extra credits will be rewarded to those who check in 7 consecutive days during the campaign. Your total credits by check-in will be 200 in total.
  2. Invite Friends: each invite can get you 100 credits and each invitee will receive 50 credits — — more invites, more credits.
  3. Finish Zealy Tasks: each XP you get on Zealy equals 1 Credit in the FoxWallet app. These credits will be updated by the end of the campaign.

Zealy tasks include:

How to share the rewards?

All participants share the reward pools proportionally to the credits earned.

For example, Alice earned 500 Fox Credits and the total Credits for the first Pool was 100,000, then Alice would get (500/100,000)*200U = 1U.

Fox CreditsPrize Pool
20 ~ 800200 USDT
800 ~ 1300300 USDT
> 1300500 USDT
  • Rewards under 0.05U will not be distributed. All USDT will be sent on the Polygon network.
  • The FoxWallet Credits Launching Campaign prize pool is reserved for Fox Credits earned during the campaign only. Credits earned before or after the campaign are not counted.
  • FoxWallet reserves the final right of interpretation.

· One min read

Dear FoxWalleters,

Happy Easter Week! And FoxWallet has prepared some surprises for all users. Just come and win your Easter Eggs!

Bonus Hunter, First Come, First Served

  • Venue: "Discover" page in FoxWallet App
  • Time: 2022/4/17 0:00-24:00 (UTC)
  • Reward: $2100 FIL

Happy Easter Week, Discord Daily Airdrop

Rewards will be distributed to users' FoxWallet some time after the event. Everyone is welcome to participate!

*FoxWallet reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions.