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Celebrating FoxWallet 2nd Birthday with $30,000+ Rewards

· 5 min read

Today we are thrilled to announce FoxWallet's 2nd Anniversary. In the past two years, FoxWallet has undergone a brand new upgrade, making significant progress on product features and external cooperation.

For product features, we have improved Fiat-buy channels & News features, launched built-in Swap & a new Fox Credit system, and simultaneously improved product interface and various interactive experiences. As for external cooperation, FoxWallet cooperated with 70+ projects and hosted 40+ events, with 50+ various networks integrated and thousands of decentralized apps supported, attracting millions of users from all over the world.

In order to celebrate FoxWallet's 2nd Birthday and reward our beloved users, we're launching the magnificent 2nd anniversary event with $30,000+ worth of rewards. Now open your FoxWallet app and start to earn!


9th November — 30th November 12:00 UTC


Tasks and Credits

Download FoxWallet and earn Fox Credits by doing tasks. The tasks and corresponding credits earned are as shown in the table below:

Task ListCredits Earned
First time check-in20
Daily check-in10
Check-in for 7 consecutive days30
Invite friend100 per invitation
Be invited50
Complete Swaps1-500
Hold 10 QTUM for 7 consecutive days50
Hold FoxWallet Anniversary NFT for 7 consecutive days50
Join FoxWallet Community60
Rate FoxWallet 5 Star100
Finish Joint EventNot Limited

Rewards and Exchange

FoxWallet provides more than $25,000 rewards, and our cooperation partners provide more than $5,000 worth of rewards. There are two ways to exchange credits for rewards:

  • You can redeem the earned credits for tokens like USDT and other rewards in Fox Mall
  • You can play the lottery for more credits or token lucky draw
1500.1 USDT
2500.2 USDT
5000.5 USDT
10001.2 USDT
20003 USDT
500010 USDT

Daily Referral Rewards

FoxWallet also provides extra bonuses to daily top inviters.
Daily top 10 inviters can share an extra $100 daily according to the invitation.
You can check your ranking on the "Invite" page.


FoxWallet has been paying attention and is committed to supporting more public chains to facilitate interaction in the wallet. During the anniversary celebration, we invited a series of public chains and their eco-projects to participate in our twitter space for users to better understand ecosystem development. The schedule is as follows:

Nov 9th 12:00 UTCFilecoin
Nov 14th 13:00 UTCOla
Nov 15th 11:00 UTCLumoz
Nov 16th 21:00 UTCQtum
Nov 21st 15:00 UTCzkSync
Nov 23rd 13:00 UTCTaiko
Nov 28th 10:00 UTCLinea
Nov 30thScroll

Side Events

You can also earn credits (points on TaskOn) by completing FoxWallet joint side events and sharing extra rewards, check the event list:


  • Each person can redeem each reward once per day, and the lottery can be drawn 20 times per day.
  • The credits you can earn per Swap: 0.5*Amount, up to 500 credits per swap, up to 1500 daily.
  • Taking into account the time difference of users, the tokens in Fox Mall will be released on an hourly basis.
  • Daily top 10 inviters can share an extra $100 daily according to the invitation. You can check your ranking on the FoxWallet App credits page or invitation tab.
  • Your invitees have to enter the invite code and re-login after binding the invitation code in order to be counted as valid users.
  • Anyone who invites 3 eligible users (re-login after binding invitation code) during the 2nd anniversary can claim an Exclusive FoxWallet 2nd Anniversary NFT.
  • You can also earn extra rewards and credits from FoxWallet Partner Joint Event. There will be more than 20 side events, more to come.
  • The joint event credit snapshot will be taken daily at 12:00AM UTC and this part of credit will be added to your address within 24 hours after the snapshot. Make sure to use your DID address to participate in the joint event, otherwise the credits do not count and FoxWallet will not be responsible for the loss.