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Since its launch on 15th November 2021, FoxWallet has received extensive support from the community, with over 10,000 downloads and 40,000+ users across platforms. Over the past 4 months, our team has been upgrading and improving the product and collecting users' feedback. We are committed to making it a professional Web 3 tool that is safe, reliable, versatile, and user-friendly.

Safer and more professional user experience

In the Web3 era, wallets are not just tools for storing, managing, or transferring cryptocurrencies, but portals to a digital ecosystem. Users can directly visit and sign in to other Web3 products via a wallet to quickly access various blockchain applications. Therefore, safety has become increasingly important for any wallet, laying the foundation for developing crypto wallets.

Then, why is FoxWallet safe and reliable?

First, from a design perspective, FoxWallet follows general standards such as BIP-32, SLIP-0044, and BIP-44. While supporting multiple chains and several sets of mnemonics and compatibility with other wallets regarding mnemonics and addresses, it allows users to use one set of seed phrases for several accounts. The address derivation principle is mnemonics => different derived private keys based on the chain and account number => different public keys and addresses computed with different private keys. Under this logic, every address is relatively independent.

Second, as a decentralized wallet, FoxWallet stores the mnemonics and private keys locally, instead of uploading to the server, which enhanced its security. Users have full control over their assets, private keys and seed phrases, lowering the risk of theft. In addition, FoxWallet is the only audited mobile wallet that the Filecoin Foundation recommends.

For Defi users, FoxWallet is undoubtedly a better option. In the Defi world, there are numerous cryptocurrencies, intertwined with complicated rules, making the security of Defi protocols shaky. Users have to make frequent asset transfers and token swaps. In response to this situation, FoxWallet provides multi-chain and multi-address supports while ensuring the relative independence of each address, meeting all the needs of Defi players. Users can use separate addresses for different Defi products, effectively insulating risks. While they can participate more efficiently, they enjoy security assurance. Moreover, FoxWallet allows users to access popular Defi products directly, providing a smooth user experience. It optimizes the procedure, lowers the threshold for Defi, and makes it much easier and less time-consuming for users.

More Features for Users

At present, FoxWallet provides the support of Ethereum and Filecoin transfer/receive operations and allows users to sign in to some Ethereum compatible DApps directly.

Wallet is the gate to Web3 world, FoxWallet aims to serve as a better choice for the entrance to the Web3 world. So FoxWallet supports BNB Chain, Polygon, Evmos, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Aurora, Aleo, Celo, Cronos, Fantom, Gnosis, HECO, KCC, Moonriver, OKC, Optimism already.

Besides the basic function, one of FoxWallet's main features is the fully supporting of Filecoin ecosystem. Users can keep up-to-date with on-chain data and track the latest info of miners. At the same time, FoxWallet offers the service of FIL Faulty Sector Monitoring and the FIL Balance Tracking, making it easier for Filecoin miners to manage and track the state of nodes. For more functions of FoxWallet, please check

More benefit to users

FoxWallet is dedicated to extensively collecting user feedback and keeps iterating and upgrading based on users' needs. We never cease explorations to provide users with safer and more convenient experiences in the Web3 era. We also host a plethora of events to reward community contributors for their consistent support. Join the FoxWallet——Leaving Comments Giveaway to share $5000 worth of FIL with other community members! Be part of the FoxWallet communities now and leave your comments in App Store or Google Store to earn your awards by 13:00 (UTC) on 25th March 2022!