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Taiko * Galxe Hidden Mission - Alpha-3 Grímsvötn

· 6 min read

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Today is Taiko Hidden Galxe Mission - Alpha-3 Grimsvotn

Connect Wallet

1. Visit Guides

These four tasks are almost the same steps: Visit the "Setup yourwallet" guide,Visit the "Bridging" concept guide,Visit the "Bridge tokens" guide,Visit the "Swap tokens" guide.

1.1 view guides

  • Go to the task page and click the task link.

  • Click Continue to Access after the Risk Warning appears (each task will appear)

  • After browsing all blog pages, back to the task detail page

  • The mission has not been unlocked yet, but there are already credentials that can be claimed next.

1.2 Continue the rest part of Visit the "Setup your wallet" guide

  • Click taikoxyz - Twitter Followers

    • Click the Tweet button in the galxe task page

    • Click the Tweet button in the twitter page, this will bind your twitter account to your Galxe’s account

    • Copy the verified tweet link

    • Paste it into the task list, and Verify

    • After the certification completed, follow Taiko official Twitter

    • Return to the task page, click the Authenticate button, and follow the task on Twitter.

  • Click Taiko Discord Human

    • Log in to your Discord account and authorize

    • Accept the invitation and complete a series of initial certifications

    • Click Verify and Continue

    • Complete the Question (everyone is different)

    • If you see other channels on the left, it means you have successfully entered Taiko discord.

    • Go back to the Galxe page and the Taiko Discord Human mission is completed

  • Click taikoxyz - Tweet Retweeters then click Retweet

  • Click Taikoxyz - Tweet Liker then click Like

  • Return to the main page, click Authentication button, it will turns green, then click Claim 1 Box

1.3 Collect all the OATs for the Visit task

2. Quiz: Bridge and swap questions

  • Question 1: What do Taiko users pay as their transaction fees?

    • Answer: B. ETH
  • Question 2: What is true about processing fees?

    • Answer: B.lf you choose "custom" processing fee you can set lower processing fee than the recommended processing fee
  • Question 3: Why can your transactions in BLL fail?

    • Answer: A. The BLL token is expected to fail about 50% of the time when bridging
  • Question 4: To send a token and bridge it to another chain, what needs to be deployed on the destination chain?

    • Answer: C. BridgedERC20 contract
  • Question 5: What does the bridge allow you to send?

    • Answer: D. Testnet ETH and ERC-20 tokens on Sepolia and Taiko
  • After answering the question, click Submit and Claim 30 Points

3. Bridge Sepolia ETH to Taiko

3.1 Add Sepolia and Taiko Alpha-3 Testnet to FoxWallet

  • Open FoxWallet App
  • Go to "Me" -> "Networks" -> Search Sepolia Testnet and Taiko Alpha-3 Testnet -> select to enable them.

3.2 Receive Sepolia ETH test coins

3.3 Bridge Tokens

  • Open website

  • Click the "Connect Wallet" button in the upper right corner of the page

  • Select "WalletConnect" as the wallet connection option

  • Open FoxWallet and click the scan code icon in the upper-right corner.

  • Scan the QR code on the webpage

  • Connect wallet

  • Enter the amount of Sepolia ETH you want to cross-chain (must over 0.15ETH)

  • Click the "Bridge" button to cross-chain

  • Confirm the transaction on FoxWallet

3.4 Return to Galxe page, Claim 50 points

4. Make a swap on Taiko

  • Add test tokens to FoxWallet wallet

    • BLL: 0x6302744962a0578E814c675B40909e64D9966B0d
    • HORSE: 0xa4505BB7AA37c2B68CfBC92105D10100220748EB
    • TTKO: 0x7b1a3117B2b9BE3a3C31e5a097c7F890199666aC
  • Collect HORSE and BLL tokens (TTKO cannot be collected)

    • Open
    • Switching to Sepolia Network
    • Select tokens to mint, ensure that you have Sepolia ETH in your wallet as gas. (Each account can receive 50 BLL and Horse respectively)
  • To bridge BLL and HORSE, you need "Approve" first

  • Open in FoxWalet's Discovery Page.

  • Click ETH/HORSE (ETH/BLL)trading pair and swap at least 0.1 ETH

    • Click Swap - Confirm Swap to complete the transaction
  • Return to the Galxe page and click the refresh button to receive Points.

At this point, the Taiko (Alpha-3 Grímsvötn) task has been completed. And our FoxWallet has released two tutorials for Taiko:

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Best wishes
By Cecilia
On 2023.7.28