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Watch, Read, and Mint on Taiko (Alpha-5 Jólnir) Galxe Tutorial

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Watch, Read, and Mint on Taiko (Alpha-5 Jólnir)

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Become a Taiko Discord member

Click Have the Human role in Taiko Discord Human Discord Server

Become a Taiko Twitter follower

  • Click Follow @taikoxyz on Twitter link,Follow@taikoxyz
  • Click Follow
  • Click Retweet the Tweet and Click Repost
  • Click Like @taikoxyz Tweet and Click Like
  • Go back to the Galxe and clickClaim 20 Points

Watch "A Concise Dive Into Taiko" & subscribe to the Taiko YouTube channel

  • Click Watch Youtube : A Concise Dive Into Taiko ZK-Rollup
  • Watch vedio
  • Go back to the Galxe and clickClaim 1 box

Quiz: A Concise Dive into Taiko questions

Question 1: What happens if the assigned prover fails to prove the block within the specified time window?

C. The block becomes open for competition

Question 2: What tokens can be used as the prover fee that a proposer pays to a prover for successfully proving a block?

B. Any token or off-chain payment

Question 3: What is the purpose of developing multi-ZK proofs

C. To enhance the trustworthiness of ZK proofs

Question 4: What happens to the prover's bond if they fail to prove the block within the time window?

D. The bond is partially burned and partially given to backup provers

Question 5: In a Sovereign rollup, what consensus is achieved among Layer 2 nodes after each block?

C. Consensus about the state of Layer 2

点击Cliam 30 Points

Read the"Cross-chain communication exploration" blogpost & subscribe to Mirror

  • Click Visit the Cross-chain communication exploration blog post
  • When Risk Warning appear,click Continue to Access
  • Veiw page
  • Go back to the Galxe and verify

Quiz: Cross-chain communication exploration questions

Question 1: The article primarily explores crosschain messaging from the viewpoint of:

C. Rollups

Question 2: Why might zk-SNARKs be used in the context of Ethereum-style storage proofs?

B. To provide compression and make the proof smaller and cheaper to verify

Question 3: One of the possible approaches to direct state reading involves:

B.Exposing a precompile contract that can directly call a smart contract on the destination chain

Question 4: Which cryptographic tool has been a part of the landscape since 1979 and is associated with storage proofs?

D. Merkle trees

Question 5: Which of the following best describes crosschain communication?

C. Sending messages between two different blockchains.

Click Cliam 30 Points

Become a Mintpad Discord member

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Visit the NFT collection deployment guide

  • Click Visit the quide on how to deploy an NFT collection on Taiko using Mintpad
  • When Risk Warning appear,ClickContinue to Access
  • View page
  • Go back to the Galxe and ClickClaim 1 box

Explore Mintpad

  • Added Taiko Jolnir L2 testnet to FoxWallet

  • Search for Taiko in Networks and select Taiko Jolnir L2

  • Claim Sepolia ETH: (0.5 Sepolia ETH/day) We summarize lots of Faucet link:

  • From Sepolia to Taiko Jolnir L2 test network:

  • Open mintpad,Email:

  • Upload collection

    • Click Create collection
    • Click Create
    • Choose Taiko JoInir L2,and named
    • Click Deploy smart contract(Make sure on Taiko JoInir L2 network)
  • Set and upload NFT

    • Click Next step
    • Click Download a demo collection
    • Click’选择文件‘,Choose demo collection which downloaded last step
    • Click Add to collection
  • Mint phases

    • Fill in mint time, price, etc.
    • Click Update mint phases
  • Mint settings

    • Fill Description
    • Click Update mint settings

Watch, Read, and Mint on Taiko (Alpha-5 Jolnir) Galxe tutorial is over. We have published five tutorials on Taiko.

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