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FoxWallet 4.0.1 - QRC20,opBNB、Nautilus、Taiko Jolnir

· 2 min read

We are pleased to announce the release of FoxWallet 4.0.1 update. Please find below the details of this update.

Added support for Qtum QRC20 Tokens

QRC20 is fully supported in this version, you can receive and send QRC20 tokens while viewing historical transfer records.

Added New Networks


opBNB is a high-performance layer-2 solution within the BNB ecosystem, built using the OP Stack. Leveraging its block size of 100M, opBNB's gas fees remain stable and low cost, making it a great solution for widespread adoption across multiple digital environments. From gaming and decentralized exchanges to daily use and digital collectibles, opBNB caters to a diverse set of needs while delivering optimal performance.


Nautilus is a high performance modular blockchain built for real world DeFi and Web3 applications. Nautilus offers exceedingly high performance and superior security through its adoption of sovereign optimistic rollup and highly secure and distributed data availability layer. Nautilus will have an initial TPS of 2,000, with much higher rates soon to come. Nautilus achieves such a high rate through parallelizing transactions instead of processing them linearly.

Taiko Jolnir

Jólnir is Taiko's fifth testnet, comes with a new Proposer-Builder Separation (PBS)-inspired proposing and proving implementation.

Enhanced Security

  • Implemented phishing website interception.
  • Disallowed arbitrary URLs in built-in browswer. Thanks to slowmist for reporting, you can learn the detail information at
  • Added signature authentication when spending FoxCredit

Other Bug Fixes and Experience Enhancements

  • Fix multiple check-ins
  • Fix a crash with malformed deep link
  • Fix unstoppabledomains resolution
  • Add tool: Qtum Stake Calculator
  • Enhance walletconnect connection success rate
  • Improve compatibility of iPhone 15

We are committed to providing you with a better product and user experience. Thank you for your support of FoxWallet! If you encounter any issues or have any feedback, please feel free to contact us at any time.