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zklink Summer Tour:ZK Week & Optimistic Week

· 3 min read

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The two tasks are very similar, and the deadline is 2023.10.1

Time:2023/09/04 10:00 - 2023/10/01 10:00 GMT+08:00
2023/09/11 16:00 - 2023/10/01 12:00 GMT+08:00

Connect FoxWallet

Twitter Task

1. Twitter Followers

  • Click Follow @zkLink Official on Twitter link
  • Click Follow
  • Go back to the Galxe page and verify

2. Zk Week Tweet Liker & Tweet Quoters

  • Click zkLink Official - Tweet Liker, and click Like
  • Click Quote the Tweet and mention 1 friend and Mention 1 Friend,Then click Post (you can mention FoxWallet)

3. Optimistc Week Tweet Liker & Tweet Retweet

  • Click Like @zkLink_Official Tweet , and click Like
  • Click Retweet the Tweet,Then click Repost

Deposit Task

Take zkSync as an example
  • Open the event page on FoxWallet: (Make sure it is on the zkSync network)
  • Click the "Connect Wallet" button in the upper right corner of the page
  • Select "Metamask" as the connection option(FoxWallet and metamask are compatible)
  • Click Balance,Make sure it is on the zkSync network to deposit
  • Click Deposit
  • Click Transfer crypto from personal wallet
  • Click zkSync Era network
  • Selet ETH(ETH value over than 20usd) and Click Deposit
  • Wait a moment
  • Similarly, other Linea, Ethereum, Base, Arbitrum, Optimism and Mantle are the same operation steps as above

Visit Task

  • Click links
    • Visit zkMe and learn more about melD (Optional)
    • Visit SpaceFi and learn more about adding liquidity on zkSync (Optional)
    • Visit the iZiSwap to learn more about on-chain swaps (Optional)
    • Visit the Radiant to learn about cross-chain borrow and lending (Optional)
  • Risk Warning appears then click Continue to Access
  • Visit page
  • Go back to the Galxe page and verify

Trade Task

Trade tasks both complete transactions of no less than 10u and 20u respectively within the task time.

  • Open ZKEX in the FoxWallet mobile App
  • On Trade page select Matket
  • Click Activate My Account
  • Click Activate
  • Click Start Trading
  • Enter 21Usd of ETH in the Sell option
  • Click Sell, when the Success icon appears, click Balance
  • Check whether an equivalent amount of USD has been received

Referral task,each gain 1&2Points

Some tasks will take a while to authenticate, so wait a moment to Claim all the Points

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