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Caldera Bootcamp Week4

· 4 min read

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This issue is about Caldera Bootcamp——Week4:Volatilis Technology4

Time:2023/09/07 15:00 - 2023/09/20 15:00 GMT+08:00

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Visit Page Task

  • ClickVisit the CREDIT Protocol Docs,Visit the Meliora Home Page
  • Risk Warning appears then click Continue to Access
  • Visit zkLink Link3 page
  • go back to the Galxe page and verify

Twitter Followers

  • Clickvolatilistech、creditprotocol、meliorafnd - Twitter Followers link
  • Click Follow
  • Confirm that all accounts are in Following status
  • Go back to the Galxe page and verify

Quiz: CREDIT Protocol

  • Question 1: What primary challenge does the CREDIT Protocol address in the DeFi space?

    A. Reliance on pricing oracles.

  • Question 2: Which of the following best describes the CREDIT Protocol?

    C. Fixed-term isolated borrowing and lending AMM.

  • Question 3: What kind of assets does the CREDIT Protocol facilitate borrowing and lending activities for?

    D. Any ERC-20

  • Question 4: How does the CREDIT Protocol enhance capital efficiency?

    B. Through dynamic interest rates and collateral factors.

  • Question 5: Which of the following is a potential use case for the CREDIT Protocol in the DeFi space?

    C. Debt financing.

  • Question 6: What happens to the interest rate and minimum collateral when additional assets are injected into the asset pool in CREDIT's system?

    B. Interest rate and minimum collateral both decrease.

  • Question 7: How does CREDIT determine the interest rate and necessary collateral factor for participation in liquidity pools?

    C. Through the interaction of three variables within the AMM.

  • Question 8: What triggers the protocol to become more appealing for lenders?

    C. When the average pool interest rate deviates above the market interest rate.

  • Question 9: What primary goal does the dynamic transactional interaction within the CREDIT protocol aim to achieve?

    B. To align the average interest rate more closely with the prevailing market rate.

  • Question 10: Which of the following is true about CREDIT Protocol?

    E. All of the above

  • Click Submit,and verify

Quiz: Meliora

  • Question 1: What is the primary focus of the Meliora appchain?

    C. Interaction with open money markets.

  • Question 2: Which stack does Meliora utilize for improved performance and customization?

    C. Arbitrum Orbit (through Caldera)

  • Question 3: What protocol acts as a foundational layer for Meliora?

    B. CREDIT protocol

  • Question 4: What type of chain will Meliora be, when deployed using Arbitrum Orbit?

    C. Layer 3

  • Question 5: For how long is a transaction considered "in challenge" before being finalized on the Meliora chain?

    B. 24 hours

  • Question 6: Which company has partnered with Meliora to provide rollup-as-a-service infrastructure?

    A. Caldera

  • Question 7: What will be the primary gas token on the Meliora chain (and can be used for Validator Staking)?


  • Question 8: Which architecture does Meliora opt to use for data availability?

    B. AnyTrust

  • Question 9: Which component is responsible for signing, storing, and retrieving the data associated with the transactions?

    D. Data Availability Server (DAS)

  • Question 10: What tools will Meliora offer users out of the box?

    D. All of the above

  • Click Submit,and Verify

  • Click Claim 75 points

Caldera Bootcamp Week4 is over here

Time:2023/09/07 15:00 - 2023/09/20 15:00 GMT+08:00

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