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FoxWallet 5.0.4 - QBRC20

· 3 min read

We are pleased to announce the release of FoxWallet 5.0.4 update. Please find below the details of this update.

Supported QBRC20 for Qtum Testnet

QBRC20 is a cutting-edge BRC20 protocol on the QTUM blockchain designed for the seamless inscription, transfer, and management of tokens. Certified for QTUM's high standards, QBRC20 combines advanced security with unparalleled efficiency, ensuring a reliable and sophisticated experience for all users on the QTUM network. Step into the future of blockchain with QBRC20, where innovation, security, and performance converge.

  • Open FoxWallet
  • Go to "Me" -> "Networks" -> find and enable Qtum Testnet
  • Go to "Wallet" -> Switch network to Qtum Testnet
  • You can view and transfer your tokens in the "QBRC20" tab

New Networks

Zulu Testnet

Zulu Network (“Zulu”) stands out as the first Bitcoin Layer 2 (L2) platform to introduce a dual-layer architecture, meticulously considering both stability and innovation. Relying solely on EVM compatibility poses challenges, such as limited ecosystem innovation and application scenarios. On the other hand, exclusively retaining UTXO characteristics carries inherent risk issues. To address these concerns and facilitate the use of fast DeFi protocols on the Bitcoin Network, Zulu has ingeniously proposed a dual-layer architecture design.

  • Open FoxWallet
  • Go to "Me" -> "Networks" -> find and enable Zulu Testnet
  • Go to "Wallet" -> Switch network to Zulu Testnet

Optopia Testnet, in comparison to other Ethereum Layer 2 networks, places a stronger emphasis on innovating AI standards and exploring AI application scenarios. Optopia is an L2 Blockchain specifically designed for artificial intelligence (AI) applications. It is committed to pioneering AI application standards and exploring various AI use cases. Built on the Op Stack, Optopia ensures 100% EVM compatibility while providing exceptional performance, minimal costs, and robust security for AI applications. Its mission is to drive the advancement and practical adoption of AI technology.

  • Open FoxWallet
  • Go to "Me" -> "Networks" -> find and enable Optopia Testnet
  • Go to "Wallet" -> Switch network to Optopia Testnet

Mint Mainnet

Mint is an L2 blockchain focused on the NFT industry, constructed on OP Stack with Celestia as the Data Availability layer, aimed at fostering innovation in NFT standards and exploring real-world applications for NFT assets.

  • Open FoxWallet
  • Go to "Me" -> "Networks" -> find and enable Mint Mainnet
  • Go to "Wallet" -> Switch network to Mint Mainnet

Bug fixes and experience improvements

  • Add plume faucet
  • Supported DApp interaction for Cosmos chains
  • Check IronFish params in the consolidator screen
  • Optimize HashKey staking screen
  • Optimize Swap screen
  • Optimize Coreum Smart Token management
  • Fix Qtum fee estimate
  • Fix QR Code scanning
  • Fix phishing domain record cache
  • Fix add testnet tokens
  • Fix explorer url
  • Fix address display in TransferInfoDrawer
  • Fix negative confirmation count

We are committed to providing you with a better product and user experience. Thank you for your support of FoxWallet! If you encounter any issues or have any feedback, please feel free to contact us at any time.