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FoxWallet 5.1.0 - Multi-chain Asset Aggregation

· 3 min read

We are pleased to announce the release of FoxWallet 5.1.0 update. Please find below the details of this update.

Note: This update includes significant changes, and upgrading from an older version may require a considerable amount of time to process data.

Multi-chain Asset Aggregation

The long-awaited multichain assets summary mode is finally here. You can now view the assets of all added chains on a single page. Upgrade and experience it now!

DApp Browser Supports Connecting to Multiple Networks Simultaneously

FoxWallet is the first and only wallet on the market that supports connecting to multiple networks simultaneously on mobile devices. This feature allows DApps to simultaneously access users' addresses across multiple networks, which is particularly convenient in cross-chain scenarios.

Qtum Offline Delegate Staking

Qtum offline staking allows all holders to delegate their non-staking wallet addresses to superstakers without relinquishing control over their tokens and privileges. Thus, users with limited time or resources for online staking can still participate in network consensus.

  • Go to "Wallet" -> Switch network to Qtum
  • You can find "Offline Staking" in tools section

New Networks

Taiko Mainnet

A highly configurable, fully open source, permissionless Ethereum-equivalent rollup. Taiko can be easily set up as a fully ZK rollup, an optimistic rollup, or anything in between. There are no centralized actors operating the network; all operations are run by the community without permission.

Areon Mainnet

Areon Network is a unique, decentralized layer 1 blockchain project that has maintained a spotless record of stable development from day one. Areon Network is developing the Areon Chain, where anyone can build new DApps, perform daily interactions of sending and receiving payments instantly for incredibly low fees. Our consensus mechanism is called Proof of Area, a unique technology that supports up to 600,000 TPS and completes a transaction in about 100 milliseconds.

Optopia Mainnet

Optopia is an AI-driven, intent-centric Layer 2 network that allows permissionless intent creation. It leverages tokenomics to drive AI Agents to perform intents, thereby creating a smarter and actively engaged Layer 2 with outstanding Daily Active AIs. Optopia's mission is to simplify Web3 operations through AI Agents, helping more users enter the Web3 industry with minimal barriers and empowering AI Agents through tokenomics to unleash the true potential of Web3.

5ire Testnet

5ireChain is an EVM-compatible, sustainability-oriented smart contract platform that focuses on developing a sustainable and beneficial ecosystem based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our goal is to build a computing platform that promotes and advocates these activities to achieve the goals.

Bug fixes and experience improvements

  • Added Japanese translation
  • Fixed the retrieval of transaction history for certain networks
  • Added warning for unknown websites
  • Optimized QR code scanning function
  • Address book no longer supports adding domain names
  • 1inch Swap now supports the Base network

We are committed to providing you with a better product and user experience. Thank you for your support of FoxWallet! If you encounter any issues or have any feedback, please feel free to contact us at any time.