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zkLink Summer Tour & Galxe - Social Week

· 4 min read

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Time:-2023/08/23 12:00 - 2023/09/26 12:00 GMT+08:00-

Connect FoxWallet

Tweet Liker & Tweet Quoters

  • Click zkLink Official - Tweet Liker, and click Like
  • Click zkLink Official - Tweet Quoters & Mention 3 friends and Mention 3 Friends,Then click Post (you can mention FoxWallet)

Twitter Followers

  • Click zkJumpOfficial,ZKEX Official,OpenWorldEX link
  • Click Follow
  • Go back to the Galxe page and verify
  • D. To empower the next generation of decentralized trading products that are self-custodial, cost-efficient, accessible, and user-friendly

  • B. Zero-knowledge proofs (zkSNARKs)

  • D.Providing a tailored and efficient application-specific zero-knowledge circuit design for high-performance trading, while ensuring security and scalability

  • D. By using zkRollup technology to settle trades across chains

  • B. By enabling tokenized RWAs to be traded across different chains while maintaining privacy and security

  • D. Centralized control over user assets

  • C. By batching hundreds of transactions into a single zk-proof, then post the proof on the connected chains and settle the transactions.

  • C. By bridging native NFTs into zkLink or enabling direct minting and trading of NFTs in the zkLink middleware layer .

  • Click zkLink Discord zklinker Link
  • Click Accept Invite
  • Click Verify taskbar,and click Verify button
  • Click zkLink Discord zkLinker
  • After joining zk.Jump dsicord,click I have read and agree to the reles,then clickSubmit
  • Click Verify taskbar,and click Verify button
  • TheOpenWorld Exchange Discord task operation is the same as above.
  • Last,go back to the Galxe page and verify

Visit Link3 Page Task

  • Click Visit the Link3 page and Follow zkLink Link3 Official Account link
  • Risk Warning appears then click Continue to Access
  • Visit zkLink Link3 page
  • go back to the Galxe page and verify

Refer Friends to Participate in the Campaign

  • Each one get 1 point
  • Last click Claim 120 Points and claim Social Week mission points

Claim Social Week Oat Task

  • Open FoxWallet ,Click Me -> Networks

  • SearchOptimism on the Search box ,add the chain into our wallet

  • Ensure your wallet switch to Optimism Network

  • Go to Social Week OAT page:

  • Ensure your wallet have enough ETH as gas

  • Click Claim OAT

As a OG project in cooperation with Galxe, zkLink will also continue to release tasks this summer, we FoxWallet will continue to improve these quality projects, and hope that everyone can continue to follow our FoxWalletDaily news!

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Best wishes By Cecilia On 2023.8.25