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Caldera Bootcamp Week1-3

· 7 min read

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This issue is about Caldera Bootcamp Week1-3

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Week 1: Caldera

Click Quiz:Basic Questions

  • Question 1: What scalability framework does Caldera build on top of?

    A. Optimistic Rollups

  • Question 2: In the context of rollups, what is a "batch"?

    B. A group of transactions bundled together and processed in a single rollup, providing scalability by reducing the amount of data stored directly on the blockchain.

  • Question 3: How do L2 rollups differ from L1 chains?

    D. L2 rollups process a batch of transactions off the main chain (L1) to reduce congestion and improve scalability, while L1 chains process all transactions directly on-chain.

  • Question 4: What’s the difference between Optimistic vs. Zero-Knowledge Rollups?

    B. Optimistic Rollups require fraud proofs for validation, while Zero-Knowledge require a trusted setup and zk-SNARKs for validation which can be slower due to the complexity of their cryptographic proofs.

  • Question 5: Which of the following is TRUE about monolithic, public blockchains?

    C. As more users onboard, transaction fees increase and efficiency slows

  • Question 6: How do Caldera chains improve on the monolithic blockchain model?

    D. All of the above

  • Question 7: What core service does Caldera provide?

    B. Deploying high-performance, customizable app-specific L2 app-specific rollups.

  • Question 8: Where exactly does Caldera offer customizations?*

    G. All of the above

  • Question 9: What additional feature(s) do Caldera chains offer?

    E. All of the above

  • Question 10: What is a settlement layer?

    B. It's the foundational layer of a blockchain where transactions are finalized and securely recorded.

  • Question 10: What is a settlement layer?

    B. It's the foundational layer of a blockchain where transactions are finalized and securely recorded.

  • Question 11: What is a Data Availability (DA) layer?

    It's a layer in the blockchain protocol designed to ensure that block data is available to all participants, even if only a subset of participants store the full blockchain.

Quiz: Advanced Questions

  • Question 1: What is an advantage of Caldera’s EVM-compatibility?

    C. Both A & B

  • Question 2: What programming tools & frameworks are compatible with Caldera?

    D. All of the above

  • Question 3: What rollup stacks are Caldera currently compatible with?

    B. OP Stack AND Arbitrum Orbit

  • Question 4: True or False: Caldera chains offer custom precompiles?

    A. True

  • Question 5: What types of applications can be built with Caldera chains?

    D. All of the above

  • Question 6: What’s the goal of the built-in bridge on Caldera chains?

    B. Make it easy for developers and users to move assets and data between the Caldera chain and its corresponding layer-one blockchain

  • Question 7: What is an Oracle?

    A. A third-party information source that supplies data to blockchains that cannot obtain it themselves, allowing smart contracts to interact with data outside their network.

  • Question 8: What token is typically used for gas fee payment on any given chain?

    B. Usually the native token of the given chain (e.g., Ether for Ethereum)

  • Question 9: What tokens do Caldera chains allow for gas fee payments?

    A. Any ERC-20 of the developer’s choice

  • Question 10: Which of the following is the biggest advantage of custom gas fee tokens?

    C. It simplifies the user experience but also eliminates the need for users to hold multiple currencies

  • Question 11: True or False: I want to build an app on Caldera!

    A. Yes!

Click Caldera Discord Member

  • Click Accept Invite

  • Go in to Discord and click Complete

  • Click I have read and agree to the rules,and Click Submit

  • Click Verify taskbar, will appear You've been successfully verified. Enjoy!

  • Go back to the Galxe page and click Claim 70 Points

Week 2 Lootchain

Visit Page Task

  • Click Visit the Lootchain Games Directory,Visit the Lootchain Bridge Ul

  • Visit Page Task

  • Risk Warning appears then click Continue to Access

  • Go back to the Galxe page and verify

Click Quiz:Intermediate

  • Question 1: What is the primary purpose of launching the Loot Chain?

    A. To address high gas fees and provide sovereignty for the Loot community.

  • Question 2: What is the ultimate goal for Lootchain?

    B. Provide a home for builders in the Lootverse, and become the go-to place for building new on-chain games, tools, and worlds with Lootverse IP

  • Question 3: Which other NFT community previously launched its own chain to address similar issues as the Loot community?

    B. Ronin / Axie

  • Question 4: What is the primary role of the $AGLD token on the Loot Chain?

    D. All of the above

  • Question 5: What technologies is Lootchain working with to achieve a low-gas, high-speed environment?

    D. All of the above

  • Question 6: What is primary reasoning that Lootchain chose Polygon as the DA layer?

    A. It significantly lowers the cost to build, deploy, and operate on the Loot Chain.

  • Question 7: What games are currently playable on Lootchain?

    C. Both

  • Question 8: Which of the following is true about Lootchain's design?

    B. It allows for instant block time, with Caldera's rollup infrastructure

  • Question 9: What can users do with their heroes in "Mighty Magic: HEROES"?

    D. All of the above

  • Question 10: What is the significance of gold in Mighty Magic: HEROES?

    C. All of the above

  • Question 11: What are features in the Labor, Lands, and Capital (LLC) game?

    D.All of the above

  • Question 12: What suite of tools will the Lootchain be equipped with?

    D. All of the above

  • Question 13: I will play a game on Lootchain this week!


Tweet Liker

  • Click GoldAdventure -> Tweet Liker
  • And click Like
  • Go back to the Galxe page and verify,and click Claim 50 Points

Week 3 Manta Network

Time:2023/08/23 15:00 - 2023/09/20 15:00 GMT+08:00

Click MantaNetwork - Twitter Followers

Confirm that the attention page changes to Following

Click Manta Network discord member

Go in to Accept Invite,and verify

Visit Page Task

  • Click Visit the Manta Pacific Page: Add the chain to Metamask for points!Visit the zkHoldem page: Play a game for points!
  • Risk Warning appears then click Continue to Access
  • Visit page
  • Click MantaNetwork -> Tweet Liker
  • Click Like

Caldera Bootcamp Week1-Week3 is over here

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