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How Aleo Works in FoxWallet App

  1. Generate/import keys on FoxWallet App.
  2. Upload view key to FoxWallet backend.
  3. Decrypt transactions on FoxWallet backend.
  4. Get account info from FoxWallet backend.
  5. Send transaction:
    • Create raw tx on FoxWallet App.
    • Sign tx and complete zero-knowledge-proof on FoxWallet App.
    • Post signed tx to FoxWallet backed and then broadcast it.


  • Your private key will not upload to FoxWallet backend, your funds are safe
  • FoxWallet will take good care of your view key, no one else can get your view key
  • Balance and transaction history api are well protected, your privacy remains
  • The purpose of uploading the view key to the backend is to allow users to obtain transaction records and balances faster, otherwise users need to synchronize all blocks and decrypt transactions locally, which will consume huge calculations and network transmission. The design of FoxWallet can bring users a better experience. At the same time, please rest assured that we will keep your view key safely and will not leak it to any third party.
  • FoxWallet Extension is full open-source, and syncs data locally with no view key uploaded.