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How to Interact on Taiko via FoxWallet

Taiko FoxWallet

Taiko is a Type 1 (Ethereum-equivalent) ZK-EVM aims for maximum compatibility. Taiko has fully decentralized and permissionless nodes, proposers, and provers.

Enable Taiko on FoxWallet

  • Open FoxWallet app

  • Go to Me tab

  • Click Networks and scroll down

  • Find Taiko Alpha-2 Testnet and select to enable it

Get test ETH on Sepolia

To interact with Taiko Testnet, you need some test ETH on Sepolia first. You can read our Sepolia testent guide to get some Sepolia ETH.

Bridge from Sepolia to Taiko

  • Go to Wallet tab

  • Click the switch button on the top-right corner

  • Switch network to Sepolia Testnet

  • Go to Discover tab

  • Input bridge link:

  • Click Connect Wallet and choose MetaMask to connect FoxWallet

  • Specify an amount less than your balance to send.

  • Click Bridge to transfer.

  • After transaction confirmed, click Transactions to view the bridge transaction

  • Click Claim

Transfer Sepolia ETH using FoxWallet

  • Go to Wallet tab
  • Switch network to Taiko Alpha-2 Testnet
  • Click the Send button on Wallet page
  • Type the address that you want to transfer funds to, or select Transfer between my accounts if the account belongs to your wallet.
  • Type the amount to transfer.
  • Click Confirm to send the transaction.

Swap on Sepolia

  • Go to Discover tab

  • Input url:

  • Click Connect Wallet and choose MetaMask to connect FoxWallet

  • Select the Swap tab.

  • Enter the tokens that you want to swap.

  • Enter the amount you want to swap.

  • Select Swap and check the details.

  • Confirm the swap by selecting Confirm Swap.

Add liquidity

  • Go to Discover tab
  • Input url:
  • Connect your wallet to the app, by clicking Connect wallet and selecting MetaMask. Your wallet address will appear in the top-right corner.
  • Select the Pool tab.
  • Select the pair of tokens you want to add liquidity for.
  • Enter the amount you want to use for each token.
  • Click Supply and check the details.
  • Click the Confirm Supply to confirm and approve the transaction.